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July 2021



Acute severe autoimmune hepatitis (SA-AIH)

A current retrospective multicenter study demonstrates that in AS-AIH, INR at the introduction of corticosteroids and the evolution of INR and bilirubin are predictive of liver transplantation or death. Within 3 days of initiating corticosteroids, the SURFASA score can identify non-responders who require a referral for liver transplantation. This score needs to be validated in a prospective cohort.

Chronic hepatitis E virus infection

A current systematic review and meta-analysis on the therapy of chronic hepatitis E virus infection demonstrates that a reduction of immunosuppressive medication and treatment with ribavirin are safe, generally well tolerated and in 32% and 78% of patients, respectively, induce virus elimination. Treatment with pegylated interferon-alpha, in contrast, increases the risk of transplant rejection and should therefore be administered with great caution.

Oesophagus Stomach Duodenum

Impact of metabolic-bariatric surgery on long-term survival

This meta-analysis involving more than 170, 000 patients revealed that among adults with obesity, metabolic-bariatric surgery was associated with substantially lower all-cause mortality rates while life expectancy was increased by 9.3 years in patients with preexisting diabetes and 5.1 years in patients without diabetes.




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